Good Stories Have the Power to Move People and the World

This was a dark place in my life. I had lost everything: wife, family, home, son and careerall gone. I was hurting on the inside and mad as hell on the outside. But I was determined not to give up; I was going to make it ‘by any means necessary.’ That’s when the proposition of becoming a Bounty Hunter opened to me. How cool. I get to carry a gun, earn some money, and rid society of scum while lawfully acting out my anger and frustrations on others. Yea, I thought. I can get into this.

Here’s what makes bounty hunting relevant to transformational storytelling. I got to see the best of people and the worst of people in this world. I got to see the flaws and faults of the subject of the search. I also got to see the flaws and faults of the Cast of Characters who are a part of their lives. I got to see up close and personal some of the darkest aspects of people and what we are capable of in some of our darkest moments. I saw how we love, how we hate, how we cry and how we lie. I saw what we’ll do out of spite, revenge, greed, fear and, for God’s sake, the love of MONEY.  I got to see how people and their lives get twisted, complicated and compromised.  

I will search the stories submitted on the Wrecked America podcast searching for those “diamond in the rough” stories that perfectly illustrate people finding their inner Bad Ass Superheroes.  Next, I will travel documentary-style to validate these stories by having the actual people tell their story in their own words accompanied by a visual reenactment.

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