We all have room to grow towards what we are seeking to become. Some refer to this as us having work to do. Some refer to it as a journey to undertake. The name or label notwithstanding, Storytelling is about our Heroic Journey to Become.

Would you like to experience the joy of having your life transformed into Powerful and Creative Story?

But, how?

Take a Journey of learning to love ourselves. There will be several stops on this Journey. I will list several steps here and explore them in more detail another time:

1. Willingness to Tell the Truth about Lying

2. Willingness to Face down our Fears

3. Willingness to Identify Pain of Our Past

This is a vehicle for giving our story content and a platform to battle our struggles over being imitative copies or mere echoes of ourselves. This is the Story of Unabashed and Unapologetic Unarmed Truth!! Until next time, may you be well with your Storytelling!!

…Storytelling that Empowers and becomes Transformation is the Story told foremost for the benefit the Storyteller…" - The Hunter

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