The Hero of the Story

I received the following story from an individual I will refer to as Ted from Atlanta. Ted writes he was blindsided to receive this message from his sister. Ted obviously has some family issues but wrote that receiving this message caught him off guard:

"...Help me with this ok. You pull your famous "disappearing act" for over 35 plus yrs. Call maybe, never ask or talked to your nieces, act out, every time I see you, call me the demons seed, through shit in my face from 60 yrs ago, like you NEVER did anything wrong to daddy or mommy oh and George. Lie like a pro Yet send me this pic like we so cool. Should I go on. OPEN YOUR EYES BOY. I'm so sick of this and you. No more coddling or walking on egg shells. Be a damn man, brother, uncle, great and great- great uncle before the lord calls me home. Getting back to family is the easy part..."

Damn Ted. That's some strong stuff there my friend. That's keeping it 1000 Man. That's some deep shit. That one landed right at my front door.

But here is the deal; this is a grand opportunity for you to take control of this story and a large part of your life. Time for redirection of someone else's BS attempt to miss direct you. Feelings of hurt, shame or anger in this moment are all too real. Acknowledge those feelings and that fact Ted. Now, get the fuck over it. That's not your shit unless you make it yours. Don't let this damn sucker punch take you out Bro. This shit is all garbage that needs to be recycled.

This is your Story and your life Ted; you get to add the next chapter to this story. How in the hell do you want that next chapter to read? How do you become the damn hero of this story? That's THE question you need to wrestle with.

Man up time Ted. Decide how your being the hero of the next chapter of this story should read. Write it and then live into that shit every chapter of your life thereafter. Don't just lean into it. You can't be a little bit pregnant so they say (LOL). You got tom live into that shit as though the rest of your very damn life depends on it. In many ways, it does Ted. In many ways, it does!!

All I got for now Ted. Thanks for sharing. Stay strong and live into that shit Bro!!

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