The Hunt

I hope no offense is taken. No offense meant. But, give me the "...Nobody in his right mind would make that shit up..." stories and not those luke warm and stale woe is me stories from yesterday. As a former bounty hunter, I've seen and heard it all before. I have listened to the lies of murders, thieves, sexual pedophiles and more. You name the lie and I’ve heard the lying perp who told that story. Enough already. Stop with the BS!

The coming Hunter Show will not feature lies or warmed-over tales of woe. Give me the most interesting stories of overcoming and survival against all odds ever told. I want to hear from some real perps with some of the most harrowing but real experiences ever recorded. I want stories that makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck because it could not have turned out any worse.  That’s right, the "...Nobody in his right mind would make that shit up..." stories.

If you’re out there with that next great story lying dormant on the front lines of Wrecked America, I want you. I want that damn story today. The Hunter Show wants your story. Wrecked America wants you. The mind and hearts of the masses want and need to hear your story.

Be BAD. Tell us that Story. Be real BAD. Be Heroic. We’re waiting. What’s your Story?

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