The Stories We Tell

We all have areas of ugliness in our lives past and present and will probably experience such instances in the future. We have stories we could tell about things we have done and things that have been done to us, which we find it difficult to even remember let alone put into speech. Some of these experiences we have vowed to take to our graves and share with no one…ever.

I never once filled out a job application and listed among my skills that I was the best drug dealer in my high school class, but I was.  I let the shame of one criminal offense cause me to believe I would be unemployable, and thus spiraled me downward into deeper criminal activity. I believed the horrible stories I told me about me. These were my faults, deserved or not, and I was chained to them, a prisoner of my own consciousness.

Today, I count every one of these experiences as part of what makes me unique. First, they don’t define who I am but the strength I have gained to date from them does. Second, I have recast the story of these experiences from seeing myself as a victim to being the hero of my stories and experiences no matter how painful nor traumatic. Wrecked America is where you too become the Hero and not the Victim of your Story. This is Wrecked America. Be BAD!

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