Who Hot?

Sup family? It’s ya boy X, host of Wrecked America’s Friday music podcast. My team searches the city for the hottest up and coming talent the Hip Hop community has to offer. On my show I’ll cover a few news stories that involve the culture of Hip Hop as well as shine a light on those MC’s bubbling just below the surface.

I have a segment called Bars over Bullshit where MC’s send in their song and we play a clip for our listeners.  If it's hot, we encourage the listeners to vote BARS on our Instagram page alongside the artist’s name. If you think its trash type BULLSHIT on the Instagram page alongside that artist’s name.  I’ll accept audio or video to be featured on the show, just make sure you come with that flame, that ether, or you will get roasted! If you got that fire, you may be asked to join my label in Wrecked America where I’ll pay you to record a song, not as yourself but as your Wrecked America alter ego (Badass Superhero).

I supply the music, the recording facility, the promotion and distribution you just bring the bars. My label Straight Out Productions is about giving you another way to promote your skill and grow your audience.  Holla at ya boy if you think you got what it takes!

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